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Our Services 

Grading - Land Leveling - Light Clearing - Backfills - Driveways 

Ponds -  Finish and Rough Grades - and more...

Bulldozer moving dirt for a construction site

Commercial and Residential 

Are you a home owner or builder? Are you thinking about making improvements to your lot or home? Do you need to grade your land? Are you looking for a reliable and experienced excavating contractor? Don't look any further, McCrone Excavating LLC has you covered. 

Grading and Site Preparation

McCrone Excavating will grade your site correctly, in a timely manner. 

Once your surveying crew has determined the house and lot boundaries we come in and remove the soil to the depth required for the new foundation. Once your contractor pours footers, stem wall, etc.,  McCrone Excavating backfills around the new foundation. 

Ponds, Pools and Basement

Looking for an excavating contractor in South Carolina or North Carolina to get your pond, pool or basement project started? McCrone excavating can do that job for you. If you are home owner or a general contractor in need of a professional and experienced excavating contractor, give us a call and we can get you started on the right foot! 

Lot Drainage Issues

If you are having issues with water on your lot or home, this might be due to a poor grading of the land, or the lot being lower than surrounding area, poorly draining soil, or other possible reasons. The solution for getting the water off of your lot may be in digging a dry creek that will channel water away to a collection point, installing pipes that can take the water to natural waterways or re-sloping the property. McCrone Excavating LLC can help with that, we believe in water running away from the site, not to it! 

Moving Dirt Around

If it has do with moving dirt, McCrone Excavating LLC is the contractor to do it. We can install driveways, install culverts, finish and rough grade, excavate ditches for water lines or gas lines, lot clearing and more.

Precision Laser Equipped

At McCrone Excavating LLC we use top-notch technology to ensure the precise leveling and grading of the land. Our dozers are equipped with laser precision tools that allow us to precisely place whatever it is where it needs to be on your lot.

Site being prepared by McCrone Excavating for a new construction
McCrone Excavating's equipment
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